Bailando en Casa del Trompo

4 de febrero de 2017 a las 12:02


4 Feb — 24 Mar 2017 at the Diana Lowenstein Gallery in Miami, United


“Astonishment, admiration, strangeness, marvel; in a word not yet known, lies the meaning of what awaits for us in this exhibition: Bailando en Casa del Trompo (Dancing in the Spinning Tops’ House). Here, the artist articulates natural as well as artificial elements bestowing upon them a new function, a transcendental meaning, another life.

Without succumbing to any normative, the artist develops with absolute freedom ofcreation, defending an art that suggests a reflexion over the concept itself of what art is, of aesthetic beauty. A fragment that could result as insignificant is now transformed into a poetic image and reaches the dimension of art.

The doings by hands of Humberto Diaz produce a visual literacy that can be comprehended almost as a language read and that spans from satires, derision, absolute provocation and the most imaginative suggestions. An object driven world appropriating the space around it and offering us the unexpected.”

Wall Street International-Art